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FAQ at Pathfinders Carpet Cleaning

Our Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will it take to get my area rugs back?

It takes between 3 to 6 business days, depending upon the rug and the specific fix and cleaning being finished. For your benefit, we will be glad to coordinate a specific time when we can return your rug.

Do I have to move furniture off my rug before pick up?

We will happily move most furniture pieces to securely recover your carpet; be that as it may, some especially large furniture pieces, for example, pool tables should be moved before our entry. We likewise ask for you to move all small or fragile things from all furniture before being moved.

Would you be able to store my carpet after its cleaned?

Yes! We store your carpets complimentary for 2 weeks after cleaning. From that point, the charge is $15 month to month.

I am moving. Would you be able to deliver my rug to another location?

Yes. We can transport to your new location as long as it’s in our delivery zone.

Do you have protection for my rug when they are stored at your office?

Yes. We use the utmost care in storing your carpet at our facility.

When you return our rug or carpet will you set my furniture back in its appropriate spot?

Yes. We would welcome you being at home to show us where you might want your furniture set.

What amount do you charge to pick and deliver my rug?

Our pick up and delivery is free in the Houston Bay Area. Outside of the Houston Bay Area, we would give you a custom pick up/delivery quote.

Would I be able to pick up my carpet from your facility?

Yes. We are open throughout the day Monday through Saturday, 8:00 am – 5:00pm. You will get 10% markdown when you pick up your carpet at our Pasadena Texas office.

Tell me about your cleaning process?

We are masters in all parts of rug and carpet cleaning and care. Our cleaning specialists are specialized to recognize carpet specific issues and custom clean your floor covering by the highest industry standards and techniches. Our talented rug and carpet cleaning experts are also throughly knowledgable to the point by point patching needs of your floor covering.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1976 and have been a part on favorable terms of the Better Business Bureau every one of those years.

How frequently would it be advisable for me to clean my area floor rugs?

We suggest proficient carpet cleaning to be every 1-3 years. On the off chance that there are pets, smokers, or individuals with respiratory sicknesses in your home, area floor rug cleaning ought to be performed more frequently.

How would I decide when the time has come to clean my area rug?

To decide whether it’s a great time to clean your carpet, try these basic tests:

Rub your palm on the area rug for a couple of moments. In the event that your hand winds up filthy, it is the ideal opportunity for cleaning.

Stoop down on the floor covering and smell it. On the off chance that you distinguish a foul smell, the time has come to have it cleaned.

Lift a mat corner and vivaciously shake it. If you see a residue cloud, it is time for a cleaning.

Do you ensure pet scent removal?

It truly depends on the state of the area rug. As a general rule, we can evacuate almost every pet smell. We don’t 100% certify pet or stain evacuation.

Do you ensure stain removal?

If a stain has not permanently damaged the filaments, we have a higher shot of removing it. It would be ideal if you call us when you see the stain immediately, since dealing with it right away expands our opportunity to remove it.

The tag on my carpet says dry clean only… Is your technique safe?

There are numerous components to think about when expertly cleaning an area rug. We assess your carpet cautiously to figure out what technique is best to utilize. Our rug cleaning specialists are prepared, experienced and ensured to deal with your investment appropriately.

What process do you use to clean my area rug?

We utilize a ten stage process to ensure we fit the cleaning technique to the strands, colors and different specificities of your floor covering.

What would I be able to do in the event that I have a flood or water damage on my area rug?

If the floor covering isn’t dried legitimately and totally, the cotton fibers may end up feeble and decay accordingly. Mold and bacteria may likewise flourish in such a damp environment. It is ideal to have the carpet expertly cleaned and dried.