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Located just south of Pasadena is the beautiful town of Friendswood, Texas. Friendswood is a bustling area that is home to approximately 40,000 people. If you are a resident or a business owner in the Friendswood vicinity, then we would like to offer our services to you. Pathfinders Carpet Cleaning is a full-service professional carpet cleaning company that has many different services to offer to our customers.

Some of the services that we provide include, but is not limited to; carpet cleaning services, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, water damage restoration services, commercial carpet cleaning, and so much more! We know that when you are searching “carpet cleaning near me”, that your choices can be overwhelming; however, we want to assure you that as far as Carpet Cleaning 77546 zip code area, we are truly one of the best carpet cleaning service companies and one of the most dedicated, too. We are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied; we guarantee it!

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If you have had an air duct cleaning near me service or carpet cleaning services near me, and you have not been fully satisfied, then our technicians will return to your property for additional cleaning work. This is also true with our tile cleaning services and our water restoration services, too. We know that you depend on us to provide you with excellent results, which we always aim to do with our first cleaning attempt; however, if you see further issues once we have left your property, we will return, in order to get the job done right. Customer satisfaction, and loyalty, are one of our top priorities.

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Professionals recommend that you have your carpet cleaning on a regular basis, in order to provide for the cleanest, healthiest environment for all. Pathfinders Carpet Cleaning company wants to gain your repeat business and your loyalty to our superior services. If you have carpet cleaning projects, tile cleaning projects, upholstery cleaning projects, or any other type of similar work to be done, then please contact Pathfinders Carpet Cleaning company today! We look forward to hearing from you and working with you anytime! We are proud to also offer our pressure washing services to the Friendswood area!

What happens when carpets retain humidity?

  • Facilitates mold growth

If carpets are cleaned when the weather is humid, it absorbs the moisture from the air. This wets the carpet and forms the perfect environment for mold growth. Furthermore, the warm climate encourages mold infection.

  • Home to pollutants, insects and bad odor

Moisture content in carpets causes bad odor. It reduces the quality of the fabric by wetting it and stretching it out. Pollutants, microorganisms and insects find shelter in wet and moist carpets. Insectes can lay eggs or release droppings in the carpet which are not visible to the naked eye. This can spread diseases and cause allergies.

These disadvantages of home cleaning carpet during summers can be eliminated if you consider hiring professional help. Professional carpet cleaning services clean the carpet thoroughly without letting moisture ruin the fabric. Efficient drying techniques do not let mold or algae to infest. Another benefit is that it takes much lesser time than what it would have taken at home.

Toxic mold will plague Texans for years after the flood waters subside. Devastating flood waters present a real and present danger to those stranded and evacuated from their homes. Jeffrey

Carpet mold is nasty stuff. Mold and mildew on hard surfaces such as tile are hard to get rid of. But it is even worse, if not impossible, to mitigate mold and mildew on carpeting. Not only that, the mold is often found on the carpet backing where it is not seen until it is too late.

Conventional wisdom says that moisture is the culprit for causing mold on the carpet and that ridding the carpet of moisture will take care of the mold problem. This is only partially true, however. As it turns out, carpet mold is surprisingly easy to keep under control, moisture-control being only half of the answer.

A Different Look at the Origin of Carpet Mold

Scientific lab studies have shown a more complex picture of how mold grows in carpeting and how best to avoid the problem. Studies were conducted to find out whether high humidity (such as you might find in a basement, below-grade installation) caused mold growth on carpeting.

Carpeting in various conditions (new, old, dirty, and clean) were subjected to various levels of humidity. Researchers, in particular, wanted to see if high humidity (defined as 80 percent or more) provided mold/mildew with an incubator in carpeting. What they found was that dirt, more than humidity, contributed to mold growth. Carpets that were heavily or even lightly soiled, bred far more mold than clean carpets when subjected to the same levels of moisture. Simply put, high humidity plus dirt equals mold.

Clean Carpets vs. Mold

It is worth noting that if the carpet is clean enough, it is virtually impervious to any mold growth despite the conditions. In the studies, clean nylon carpet was subjected to high temperatures and levels of humidity (80 F; 80 percent humidity), and no mold growth occurred. Even clean carpeting that was known to have active mold spores did not have additional mold growth.

Dirt on carpeting grows mold for two reasons. First, the dirt contains mold spores. Second, dirt itself contains moisture. The moisture in the dirt combined with the room’s ambient humidity, therefore, provides a rich breeding ground for mold.

Even worse, dirt is a hygroscopic material meaning that it readily soaks up any available moisture—whether ambient humidity or surface moisture. In other words, dirt is a moisture magnet.

How to Prevent Carpet Mold

So what should you do? Should you avoid installing carpet in basements or other places that are moisture-prone? It turns out to be relatively easy to prevent mold and mildew from attacking your carpet:

  1. Keep humidity low: Humidity of 65 percent or lower tends to be the perfect level for maintaining a mold-free carpet. Even 60 percent humidity is sometimes cited as the highest desirable level. If your house is not naturally low in humidity, install a portable dehumidifier.
  2. Keep temperatures low: Temperature can contribute to mold growth in carpet, with 80 F and higher is defined as high. Effective HVAC will kill two birds with one stone as it both lowers humidity and temperatures.
  3. Keep your carpet clean: While there is no official definition of “clean,” it is assumed that a carpet vacuumed on a weekly basis will clean a carpet enough to inhibit mold growth.
  4. Install human-made carpet materials: Organic carpet materials such as wool are more prone to mold growth than inorganic (human-made) carpeting such as nylon or olefin.