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After multiple spills and messes on my carpets from my young messy kids, I decided to call Pathfinder's to deep clean them after many friends had recommended this company to me. They did an incredible job and made my carpets look brand new; Andrew Landon did an exceptional job and was a very polite and professional young man. I will definitely recommend Pathfinder's service and staff to my friends in the future.

 - Natalie R

Steam Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Shampoo, Furniture Upholstery Rug Cleaning, Vehicle Upholstery, Pressure Washing, Tile & Grout

Steam Carpet Cleaning Service​​

For Carpet Cleaning, Rugs, or Upholstery Cleaning, don't go it alone and try to do it yourself.  The headache of dragging heavy equipment, returning missing parts and being unsatisfied with the result just isn't worth it.  Don't waste your time and increase your anxiety with second rate carpet cleaners. Our professional steam cleaning services will get your furniture and carpets looking and smelling their best. Our service techs are clean, courteous, polite and hard working. Get those nasty stains and terrible odors out of your carpet today!


We ensure your rugs and upholstery will be so clean you'll be happy to lay down with a good book and enjoy the fresh, feel good scent, of super clean carpet. We use the industries latest and best equipment provided by the Butler Corporation,  who is in fact, the leading and most trusted company in the industry.

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  • Houston, TX
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Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Is your once attractive furniture looking a little worn out? Are you noticing those dirty stains and stale smell? Don't spend a fortune buying new furniture when you can easily have it looking brand spanking new! With Pathfinders professional upholstery and furniture cleaning services, you can give your existing upholstery an instant face lift. When we’re through with our upholstery cleaning processes and specialized furniture cleaning techniques, you’ll never believe how good your furniture will look, feel and smell!  Give it a try! 


Pathfinders has provided the best furniture and upholstery cleaning services in Houston since 1976 by effectively cleaning over 97% of stained upholstery. Depending on the situation, the cleaning may take place onsite or we may need to bring the furniture, rug back to our cleaning facility, but you can count on us to get the job done right every time!


At Pathfinders Carpet Cleaning we use a state of the art truck mounted system to ensure that you receive the best quality carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as fast dry times. Our process uses only safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. You will be able to see, smell and feel the difference.

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Pathfinders Carpet Cleaners

Pathfinders Carpet Cleaning is Your Bay Area cleaning specialist. We offer Carpet, Tile/Grout and Upholstery Cleaning.



Do you remember when a business owner kept his word, charged you a decent price and gave you a level of service you could recommend to friends, neighbors and family.  That is how we have kept in business since 1976! You’ll get that and more from Pathfinders Carpet Cleaning.  Every-time our customers call, that is what they expect.  Clean, well mannered, polite, fast customer service.  Nobody wants a shady person showing up to there home.

Our prices may be a bit higher then the the "fly by night" discount coupon companies.  But there is a reason, other carpet cleaner prices are so low!  Bait and switch tactics, high pressure sales, low quality personnel can be one of many nightmare scenarios you can run into.  Bad service and low quality work can be the least of your worries with the plethora of unethical, get cash quick carpet cleaning operators that service the greater Houston area.  Expect a low level of cleaning quality of service, bad english, rudeness and the discomfort of having a possibly unethical individual in your home. This unfortunately is what gives carpet cleaning a bad reputation and numerous horror stories.  Any Tom, Dick and Harry starts up a Carpet Cleaning outfit, sells cheap, provides terrible service and is out of business in a few months.  Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews have negated some of that. Check Our Reviews! They are Great!

Thoughts To Remember

“The sting of bad service is remembered long after the excitement of finding a cheap price is forgotten…”

And you can’t go wrong with our 100% RISK guarantee. Rest assured that you’ll receive great service every time from Pathfinders.

If spots come back, so will Pathfinders. At no extra cost to you. If you are not happy with any areas of our cleaning, Pathfinders will re-clean those areas. If you are still not satisfied with your carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, Pathfinders will give you a full refund for those areas in question. Pathfinders will do our best to earn your business for a lifetime, including free estimates and a written guarantee.

We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Carpet Cleaning for your home

  • Tile & Grout Cleaning for your home

  • Spot & Odor Removal for your home or business.

  • Apartment Carpet Cleaning for landlords or tenants.

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning for your business.

  • Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning for your business

Why Carpet Cleaning Is Good For You and Your Carpet
The typical carpet is loaded with allergens, bacteria, and carpet mites. And those are just the things you can’t see. Regular vacuuming helps to keep your carpet clean, but it’s not enough. It’s important to have your carpets professionally cleaned whenever there is an accident to remove dirt and stains before they set within the carpet fibers and the padding. Many store-bought cleaners leave an oily residue that can make stains worse over time. Your carpets also need periodic cleaning to remove dust, fleas, mites, dead skin, pet fur, and dander.

How Often Should I Have My Carpet Cleaned?
Carpet manufacturers and The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least 2 times a year or more, depending on how much punishment your carpet receives from children, pets, dirt, stains, and foot traffic.

How Does Steam Carpet Cleaning Extraction Work?
The process involves injecting steam and specially designed cleaning agents deep into your carpet, agitating and loosening dirt, filth and allergens. The cleaning agents that we use are non - toxic safe, and eco-green/biodegradable. Our cleaning methods are 100% safe for Children, animals, babies, elderly, flowers and house plants. The filth, dirt and contaminants in your carpet are removed with 97.5% of the water/moisture with the help of our powerful truck mounted system. This process is effective at removing dust mites, allergens, and stains and neutralizing odors, including pet odors. With our patented process your carpet DRYS FAST and you can enjoy it quickly with friends and family!  Remember...We stand behind every job with a 100% Risk Free Guarantee.  Our Customers are our passion!